Sunday, April 20, 2014

Thank you!

We can find the ceramic artist at the beginning of any civilization. It is this clay process that is our common language deep within us…
Artists from 14 countries gathered for SELSIUS USM2014(University of Science & Arts- Malaysia).

It was so good wasn't it?! , -to meet new friends and to share our passion.

It is such a good feeling to come together from all over the world to connect ourselves through clay, as the universal nexus to our hearts.

Narumi & I would like to thank all of our hosts from Malaysia for doing such a good job in making such a harmonious event. I know you worked so hard.
Unfortunately, I am fatter now….(great food!!!)
The good memories will last forever!
Much love & gratitude from Doug&Narumi

Selsius-USM2014 @ University of Science/Arts of Malaysia


Ceramic artists from 14 countries

everyday great food!

USM workshop in Penang

Friday, April 4, 2014

springtime flowers

... I made this glass teabowl at ArtBiotop, in Nasu.